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A busy kitchen!


The Sweet Sorrows return to visit us again 7.30pm 12 March, 2023


BBC RADIO WALES Celebration presented by Sean 3.3.24

  Sean was p leased to have the opportunity to present today’s Celebration programme on BBC Radio Wales - it’s repeated again this evening at 7.30pm or available here and on BBC Sounds for the next few weeks . It includes some tunes from Mavis Staples, A Ragamuffin Band and Sammy Horner. Jayne reads The Beatitudes and I reflect on one of them in particular, that had big impact on Alexei Navalny. I hope it’s and encouragement and lifts your spirits. You can listen to it here: BBC RADIO WALES

Christmas greetings and a reflection from Zac’s Place

This video can also be viewed on YouTube here Sean Stillman brings a thank you message and reflection from Zac's Place this Christmas. He shares something about the ongoing work of our team of volunteers providing valuable hot meal provision for those experiencing food poverty in Swansea. He also reflects on the ongoing inspiration of the birth of Christ, and a life on the margins. For those wanting to contribute to our ongoing food poverty support, you can do so via this Just Giving Link here: Thank you for your ongoing interest and support, it is all deeply appreciated.

Advent Prayer Calendar Recommendation

We would wholeheartedly recommend this Advent Prayer Calendar hosted by a good friend of ours, Steve Barrington, via a Facebook group. If you're a Facebook User then feel free to check in and take a look. Here's Steve's introduction,  "Welcome back to those who have walked this journey together with us before and welcome to our new friends on the road to Bethlehem this year. December is often a month that rushes by so quickly. It gets filled with trips to shopping centres, fighting the crowds, running to different events, and trying to focus on the birth of Jesus in the midst of it all. So, the invitation is before the first Sunday of Advent, December 3, to write down the names of 21 people - friends, family, enemies, people in our community, randoms from the shops, people in the news - that you would like to pray for. Then allocate one for every day leading up to Christmas and on that day, pray for them. It's a deliberate opportunity to slow down and refocus on t