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Zac's Place 'One More Mile' Just Giving Campaign

Zac's Place is raising support to assist with sustaining its well established work in Swansea into the next generation. This includes making provision for additional staff and volunteers, and also significant improvements to our city centre HQ. Story Over the years Zac's Place has earned a reputation for providing grass roots essential support to many vulnerable people in Swansea. These maybe those who are sleeping rough, in emergency B&B accommodation, or without a safe place to call home, those in food poverty and those who are seeking a safe space from the traumas that they are experiencing. We have been committed to working in partnership with others including housing and homeless support charities, addiction and recovery agencies, medical outreach teams, the local council, the DWP, the arts and a host of other local churches and volunteer groups. "The work going forward at Zacs Place is in every way innovative, courageous and important for the community in gene