Still Inspired by the Call to the Margins

A big part of the Zac’s Place story over the past 25 years, since the earliest days of our forming together as ‘Zac’s Place - Church in Pub?’, has been the place of thorough and methodical reflection of the Bible. As time has gone on, this has continued to shape and challenge our deliberate choice to be at home with those who are marginalised, to engage with pro-active care and be advocates and a voice for those whose voice gets lost. Our roots in the Christian faith have continued to stir us into compassionate action as ‘Zac’s Place -A Church for Ragamuffins’.

Zac’s Place has continued to have an ongoing association with God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club and in recent weeks, Zac’s Place founder Sean, who is also in senior leadership in GSCMC, has launched a new series of bible reflections from Mark’s gospel. You’ll find the introduction below and in the coming months different GS members, who are also experienced bible teachers, will endeavour to open up this story, as they go through the whole of the Gospel. Sean brings an introduction to the series below. You can subscribe to the series on YouTube or you can also find it on Facebook here. Each reflection will typically be 10-15mins in length.

Zac’s Place continues to meet together as a church community for bible reflection and study each Tuesday night between 7.30- 9.30pm at our Swansea HQ in George Street. Anyone is welcome.


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